Montebellos: Willy Nilly Lagoon

Great name.

We spent out first night anchored in Stephenson Channel, quite a nice anchorage just north of the sandbar, with up to 2kn current. Good holding in sand, with a few rocks. It was a lovely afternoon, but you can’t have any pictures because I forgot to put the SD card into the camera. Night sailing brain at work.

So, around 2 hours before high tide we were able to venture over the sandbar and pretty much into the centre of the Montes – Willy Nilly Lagoon. We had a venture into the lagoon itself: at the entrance the cruising guide reports an anchorage for shallow draft vessels. This was too shallow for us – pretty much dries out – so we decided to anchor further south in a deeper channel – good holding in sand – but up to 3kn current.


View from the mangrove
View from the mangrove

Time to explore.

Several mangroves only a few minutes away by dinghy – unfortunately a no fishing zone, but great wildlife.

We nicknamed this beach across from where we anchored – ‘Ray Bay’…


Can just seen all of the rays in the water - counted 43!
Can just see all of the rays in the water – counted 43! (Reuben’s maths for the day)




We are having a few issues with the dinghy outboard – the cooling water outlet not always flowing… So I am hoping it holds up for the rest of the trip as rowing against 3kn of current would be near impossible. Note: bring spare impeller next time, bit hard to get one of those out at the Montes!

A swim after an explore, and maybe a few more safe arrival drinks…

Adventurous swim from the rocky shore!  (needed a tow back)
Adventurous swim from the rocky shore! (needed a tow back)




Hold on!! 2.5 kn
Hold on!! 2.5 kn




3 thoughts on “Montebellos: Willy Nilly Lagoon

  1. I wonder if you sighted the yacht bringing in the $ 20 mill of methamphetamine. Was at M Bellos on Aug 3 – now being escorted to Perth.


    1. Stephan and Marie
      Your drug runner’s boat has made the headlines. I think it is in Karratha getting the once over. I believe it was under surveillance from Indonesia


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