Around the Cape we go!

After stocking up with food and fuel, we left Seisia, along with several other yachts heading into QLD with the weather window. We would have loved to have zipped up to Thursday Island, but we felt we were a touch too late for the year.

The islands through this area are quite pretty, and able to be seen for many miles compared with the low lying islands in WA that we were used to. We decided on a quick history stop for the kids (and us!) at Possession Island. It was here that Captain Cook, after landing earlier at Botany Bay, declared the whole of the eastern coast – including the bays, harbours and islands – British Territory in the name of King George III. Just like that. Known as Bedanug to the original inhabitant Kaurareg people, it was reclaimed by them in 2001 in a native title claim.

Beach landing, looks like Harry and Reuben are doing a dance routine in this shot!
Stefan’s favourite thong from the thong tree.
Unlike the thong tree, there was nothing creative that could be done with the multitude of rubbish piles like this that seemed to be in so many of the island ‘nooks’ around the cape…
The Possession Island monument. Also featuring Scott from Island Home. Another WA kid boat!
And that’s the cape! No ‘you are standing at the most Northern Point in Australia’ sign for us unfortunately!

Ended the day anchored on the eastern side of the cape at Shallow Bay to await the tide to get through Albany Passage…

Leave a few for Pina Colada’s!


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