Southbound again!

A run of easterlies was finally predicted, allowing us to begin our southbound trip, except it pretty much stayed in the south all day… It didn’t allow us to get all that far, so we decided to anchor on the first night at the Beagle Islands this time. The Beagle Islands consist of a few low-lying islands surrounded by reef, inhabited by a large sea lion colony. They provided decent protection from a 25kn southerly, though bit rolly (2.5m swell). With a bit of Dhufish in our bellies, and some strange songs from the sea lions about 50m away, we felt free and content to spend the first night out of the marina in such a long time!

Beagle Islands, off the coast near Leeman W.A


Onward the next day toward Greenhead – spent the whole day fishing with not even a bite! Thank goodness Reuben received a fishing rod for Christmas whereupon he caught a lovely Skippy that sufficed for the evenings dinner…


The 3 day forecast we had thought would take us to Perth, was not turning out as planned, and by our 3rd day away it was becoming decidedly windier – 35+kn from the south, so we motored a meek 8 miles down to Sandy Cape, where we tucked in until after the new year. A beautiful spot to spend a few days…




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