Catch up: Dongara to Exmouth…

Part 2 of the catch up – or should I just cut and paste from last year too??

So we stopped in Dongara for longer than planned – and said goodbye’s again around May. This time we were off a month earlier (or a month too late??), as we still hope to make it to the Kimberley and around the top to the East Coast by the end of the year.

Bye Dongara!


Mast head/halyard maintenance. Ended up around 4 hours in this position due to losing the halyard through the mast…

First stop: Abrolhos Islands

Unfortunately not as much time here as we would have liked… Magic weather the first day and then gloom (I guess it’s winterish…)

View whilst cooking…Galley perks.
Lazy locals

20160531_125028The window arrived much sooner than planned to sail past the Zuydorp Cliffs, and we took it – the plan being to tuck into Shark Bay somewhere nice and sit out some strong winds and big swells.

The boys ‘hanging out with dad’ while sailing. Not irritating at all.
Coming into to Steep Point…

Not going to choose ‘Shelter Bay’ again if that is the case… as we experienced 50+kn winds when the front came through. Dragged anchor at nearly 4kn speed, snapped our anchor bridle, could barely hear each other over the sound of the wind – couldn’t even hear that our diesel motors were on. Stefan may regale you with that story in another wistful post. I have to say two things: Not fun. Not ‘living the dream’. However, all a learning experience…

Shark Bay was freeeeeeezing, spent the whole time in thermals, + windproof fleece, + uggboots, + beanie = time to head further north!

Had a lovely sail to Carnarvon (took a bit of anti-foul off the daggerboards enroute thanks to the shoals north of Cape Peron…bit shallow!!) Carnarvon is a wonderful place to restock: amazing produce at the Saturday markets which lasts a good 3-4 weeks aboard – yum! And a wonderful place to catch up on sleep debt whilst you are on a secure mooring and not worried that your house is going to float away overnight…

Spectacular cliffs at Cape Cuvier – a quick stop for a fish after our Carnarvon stop. Stefan and the boys fishing in the dinghy at the base of the cliffs…
Stopped for a fish near Yardie Creek… and…
A whale shark!! Surfaced just as Stefan landed a nice emperor. Initially thought it was something else chasing the fish out of the depths…
Seemed curious. Almost looking at us as he (maybe she) swam the length of the boat…
 And we’re done… Unbelievably amazing. It came up again another 2 times, swimming between the hulls, and hanging around the stern… What a day!

And now we find ourselves in Exmouth after moseying up the Ninglaoo coast soaking up a bit of sun… To find ourselves waiting out more gloom here in Exmouth. On the upside, it is one of the first places we have had decent reception and internet, as we have avoided the major centres this trip, hence the other reason the blog has stalled. From here, we hope to venture to new territory: sailing north-east to Dampier and onwards to Broome: watch this space!

Exmouth marina jetty rat. Likes to perch on mast spreaders.
Same species…


3 thoughts on “Catch up: Dongara to Exmouth…

  1. Totally worth it all just for that whale shark experience!! How amazing and exciting!! I see those boys are getting further up the mast 😳
    Hope you have nice weather for the rest of the trip up the coast.
    All looks great so far, enjoy, we miss you mob xx


    1. It was awesome! About 5m – a little guy really! We are hoping the weather clears up today… We are all getting a bit of cabin fever…Bring on the sunshine


  2. Hi all,

    Sounds and looks very exciting, especially the whale shark encounter…beautiful creature.

    Andrew enjoyed catching up with you all during his trip with Mark and the other guys back in June. Was very special for him catching up with the 3 little cousins.

    Love to you all,
    Anne and family


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