Parts on their way – not such a bad place to wait…

With the neap tides upon us, the crew at the Horizontal Falls take a break for a few days, which meant that although our watermaker parts were in Broome – there wouldn’t be a float plane coming out for a few days.

The Horizontal Falls – neap tides. 
Fearless skipper nudges boat into Horizontal Falls

Never mind, back around to Dugong Bay, and I wish we had found this a bit earlier (it took us about an hour to find and we nearly missed the high tide to get in there…)


Boys will be boys. A waterfall. Must climb.
The rolemodel
School family photo time. Found the right backdrop.

We headed back to Talbot Bay for the arrival of our floatplane with goodies – watermaker parts, fresh milk (yuuuuuummmm) and some salad!! Thanks U & G, and thanks to the very accommodating seaplane operation at the Horizontal Falls!

Shadows were growing longer by the time we left Talbot Bay, but wanting to keep moving ahead, we decided to move through the night – but not before catching these beauties!


It’s a little daunting moving through uncharted areas in the Kimberley at night – and the picture of the catamaran on the rocks that had made the front page of the West only weeks before was fresh in our minds! All good though – we had a full moon, and a good tide that took us north – back past Montgomery Reef and into Deception Bay.


One thought on “Parts on their way – not such a bad place to wait…

  1. Wow, what an awesome experience for you all! Looks amazing, so happy to finally see some photos.
    The pet crab comment makes me laugh, I thought the kids were the ones denied.
    Glad in the croc land you are finding places to swim.
    I bet your fresh milk didn’t last long, all these things we take for granted.
    So good to see all happy and healthy, looking forward to the next update.
    Love JP, Miller n me xx


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