Blog Ahoy!

And here it is. The blog I have been promising myself, skipper, crew, family and friends for the last 2 years since Gonyonda was launched! Ta Da! Better late than never I guess! (standard for me) (yes – I can see particular people nodding their heads – but I’m working on my tardiness – I promise!) The idea of all of this was to journal our sailing experience aboard Gonyonda, and to let family and friends (and other nosy people) see what we’re up to…. So here goes it! We start 2 years on – and we are finally about to embark on our first? no, but perhaps ‘most remote’ cruise so far: from Port Denison (home port) to the Montebello Islands (we’re hoping).

And…. the boat has sailed without 3 of the crew. Great start!

Well, you know how it is… The whole: home-built/not quite finished boat/trying madly to finish extensive list of jobs on said boat/realising your boat probably needs about 2 years worth of maintenance now as well as finishing off/squeezing in some much needed work to pay for boat *ahem* ‘living the dream’/sold your house/moved into another house/home-schooling 3 smallish children on boat  – thing? Maybe?

Well anyway, the weather window was just too tempting to miss to head up the Zuytdorp Cliffs – it was all a bit of a rush in the end (surely not) – so the leftover crew will do the tidy up, errand running, and GDB (general dog’s body) work, and head to Denham by road to join the mothership at the end of this week!


Leaving Port Denison


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