Zuytdorp Run

After leaving Port Denison with Dad and H aboard, we had a nice run to Geraldton and anchored overnight.

Next morning, conditions seemed perfect so up anchor and north we go. All sail out, then a couple of hectic sail changes down as wind strengthened for a few hours, then more sail out again as the wind died, ending in motorsailing to keep some sort of speed.


Perfect night sailing conditions, then watching the sun rise over the cliffs as we passed False Entrance. Luckily, with these conditions, the cliffs were nowhere near as menacing as many have said the can be. Good timing I reckon. Anchor down in Sunday Bay.



Heaps of rain during the night enlightened us to some leaky hatches. Added it to the “to do” list. A gentle sail north to Egg Island with some wildlife around.



Manta Ray

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