The sun has come out of hiding today and we got lucky with the fishing! 1 lovely pinky – no picture supplied so I guess it will remain a fishing tale.

Returning from fishing
Returning from fishing

After staying in Denham for 2 days, the weather turned in our favour to head to Broadhurst Bight. Lovely anchorage protected from the easterlies, allowing the kids a chance to stretch their legs on the beach and play a bit of frisbee. The bribe for getting down and completing a bit of schooling.

After thinking how remote this area seemed it was nice to have a visit from our friends on Queimarla.


Headed back to Denham tomorrow as Gilbert will be leaving us, joining us again when we reach Exmouth.

Tech notes:

Anchorage: 25º 23.468’S; 113º 29.490’E



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