Monkey Mia

After starting our Sunday with pancakes and a coffee, it was off to explore the mangroves one last time before heading to Monkey Mia. We hit the mangrove creek on high tide this time, and saw numerous rays, sharks, crabs and loads and loads of fish. It reminded me of some kind of fish super-highway – took a few videos, but files too large to upload here.

BBQ pancakes – not quite right on the Weber…
Mangrove creek Herald Bight

We then motored around to Monkey Mia, as there was no wind to be had – but the ride was smooth with glassy seas. I had my camera ready to glimpse a few of the locals…


And then this! Up close and personal! So amazing – came right up to the boat for quite a few minutes…





In my excitement to capture these graceful animals, I nearly fell from the bow – camera and all – in a very ungraceful stumble. Apart from hurting my pride, I luckily came away with only a few bruises…

Anchor down – perhaps not too securely – and ready to wake up to a lovely sunrise…

5 thoughts on “Monkey Mia

  1. So glad you guys have started a blog!! Can’t wait to see more stunning photos of the scenery and of course all the family.
    Sending love from Dunsborough 👍❤️


  2. what amazing photos. You must have a good camera and a good eye for a good pic. Look forward to hearing about more of your adventures!


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