After just staying the night in Monkey Mia, we have to travel backwards from our heading – 55 nautical miles to Denham to pick up some toilet parts (A drive between the towns is about 25 mins – takes us a full day to sail it!). Yay. Head (toilet) maintenance. Something we seem to do a lot of with 3 young children on a boat, using half a roll of toilet paper each time they go. I am thinking of removing the roll and introducing a ‘toilet ticket’ system….

We were escorted out of the bay by the locals again – we think the most friendly dolphin might be Niki. Apparently she was taught by her mother to follow boats hoping to be fed by fisherman (in the days prior to park management). Sadly, this practice has led to her losing 7 out of her 9 calves. The other dolphin families are faring better now as the dolphin experience on the beach at Monkey Mia is limited to the morning hours, no more than 3 times before midday, for about 25 mins – and 3 lucky people are chosen to feed them.


We rounded the lovely Cape Peron again, and caught a pink snapper as we headed into Broadhurst Bight to anchor for the night.

Moon rising over the Peron Penninsula

We had a lovely sail down to Denham – we are so spoilt with all of the flat water in the bay here!
Then it was off to the post office to pick up toilet parts, and give the kids a chance to stretch their legs.

Will 2 beers suffice?

We celebrated having functional systems again (is 2 beers enough for that job??) and had BBQ whole snapper – ’twas delicious!

Schni Schna Schnappy
Denham aglow


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