After leaving the wonderful Tetrodon loop, we sailed up to Turtle Bay at the top of Dirk Hartog Island. Quite messy seas around the cape there, and the anchorage was a little bit rolly, but we managed to catch a couple of fish for tea and readied ourselves to sail to Carnarvon.

Gorgeous sunrise as we left Egg Island
Gorgeous sunrise as we left Egg Island

We left around 2 am to arrive into Carnarvon at the high tide, where luckily we were able to pick up a friends mooring. The kids were able to stretch their legs on the wonderful playground at the Fascine…

IMG_1599 IMG_1593

We had a great workout carting many loads of groceries back to the boat – and to our relief – the 3 boxes of schooling for next term for the kids. I had them sent c/o Carnarvon Post Office, and as we are planning to leave on Sunday (5/7) I was devising ways to have them forwarded somehow?? Luckily, the post office has Saturday morning parcel pick up – and the boxes were waiting (kids were happy about that…) but good to know about this service for other travellers.

We have been working on our next passage plan – Waroora Station – where we will meet up again with Queimarla. The tide is starting to play a major factor in our passage plans – we feel it’s safest to leave the Fascine on high tide at Carnarvon – and we could either do an overnight sail of 110NM straight to Waroora, or split the passage into 2 day sails and anchor at either Cape Cuvier or Red Bluff. Not too keen on Cape Cuvier due to the depth and shipping movements – so we are leaning towards leaving at lunchtime on Sunday (high tide) to sail overnight to arrive at Waroora on Monday morning…

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