Shark infested waters…

Like that title?

We left Denham and had to motor/sail across the sound to Dirk Hartog Island. The plan is to cruise up the coast of the island before sailing across to Carnarvon where we will re-provision, before meandering up the coast in search of some waves, dive spots and fishing.

We did a spot of fishing along the way, and Stefan managed to hook onto one of my favourite species of fish.

Check out those chompers
Check out those chompers


I lost my rig to a cheeky mackerel.

We anchored behind Egg Island – I think its namesake probably comes from its shape – but the kids thought it was due to the ‘rotten egg’ smell.

Moonrise over (rotten) Egg Island
Moonrise over (rotten) Egg Island

We rigged up some rods for a spot of beach fishing, but we were distracted by the proximity of Tetrodon Loop, and decided to explore that instead. I would love to get the big boat into there, but it’s super shallow at some spots – we touched the sand with the leg of the outboard several times.

Rainbows over Tetradon
Rainbows over Tetradon


As the tide was ebbing, we noticed heaps of large ripples in the water – wondering what was feeding in the shallows. And hence the title of this post – there were dozens of small sharks feeding! They fled the scene once they heard us coming, but after we had calmed the kids down, and remained as silent as we could, I managed to get a few good pics.

Fin and rippling…
Can just see 3 small sharks here
Can just see 3 small sharks here
This one was quite near my feet as I was standing in the water
This one was quite near my feet as I was standing in the water


We let the kids stretch their legs on the beach to chase some ghost crabs, and headed back to the boat after sunset to try out the BBQ pizza stone. Yum!

Chasing Ghosties
Another sunset...
Another sunset…

6 thoughts on “Shark infested waters…

  1. Love checking for updates every few days. Some amazing photos! The kids must be having a blast 🙂 sending big hugs


  2. Hi. Posts are great. We had a lovely morning on the water here today. Lots of Dolphins and some dhu fish. The dolphin was delicious.


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