Point Cloates

After having a lovely BBQ with Di, Steve, Chloe and Alex, we pulled up the anchor to head further up the coast to Point Cloates or Norwegian Bay. Whichever we could make it to.

We headed out of the tight channel through Coral Bay…

Channel markers almost felt as wide as our beam!


We started off sailing quite nicely, but then the wind turned on the nose, so the iron sail was engaged, speed dropped, and to Point Cloates it was!

Pulled up this nice guy on the way though (talking about the fish here)… And a spanish mackerel (me – no photo supplied). That should see us fed for the next few weeks…


Anatomy/filleting lesson for the kids

We cruised into Point Cloates and anchored in the bay in around 3m water with a lovely sandy bottom. We had a chat with the crew on ‘Interceptor’ (whom we met at Waroora) over VHF, and will head up to Norwegian Bay tomorrow to catch up with them…

Point Cloates


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