Norwegian Bay

After a good night on anchor at Point Cloates, we decided to venture a little further to Norwegian Bay, as the wind forecast remained from the north. We decided to take the passage inside the reef – consulting the cruising guide informed us that the passage was suitable for ‘fearless skippers’. Okaaaay. ‘Twas all good with a little help from Google Earth – a few shallow bommies (no, they were not turtles) around Point Cloates, but at least 2m under us for pretty much the whole passage.

Bommie watch


Dropped the pick fairly close to the beach in sand at Norwegian Bay, next to ‘Interceptor’, time for a stretch and some exercise, and a nosy at the ruins of the old whaling station…

The boys checking out the old machinery
Freya more interested in the botanical surrounds?


We decided we would stay another night at Norwegian Bay, as there was around a 25kn NW forecast, and we would have the best protection where we were situated.

Sunrise Norwegian Bay

Stefan made the most of the conditions in the bay…

IMG_7557 IMG_7571 IMG_7614

And we spent a bit of time combing the beaches for wood – and found quite a lot of coal too – presumably left from the whaling times. That enabled one of these to happen:

Forgot marshmallows! Can just see Gonyonda and Interceptor anchored behind

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