Yardie Creek

Sailing again! We had an ok night with winds only getting around 25 kn from the NW (when I got up to check anyway), and had a change of wind to the south – which gave us a nice run from Norwegian Bay to Yardie Creek. I can’t imagine remaining at Norwegian Bay in any winds besides from the north. We saw more whales along the way of course.


Interceptor gave us a heads up on the anchorage – not in close where I had envisaged, but right next to the surf break of course! Winds were from the south east, so some decent protection by the reef, and a few sandy holes to drop the pick in.

There was a little surfing to be had…


And a little hiking for a panorama…

Yardie Creek from the boat
Interceptor and Gonyonda at anchor


Even a couple of low fly-bys from customs, and a radio call to check our travel plan…



We stayed for 2 nights – the 2nd not so comfortable after the swell picked up a touch… Off to Tantabiddi before attempting the Northwest Cape into Exmouth.


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