Serrurier Island

The forecast was looking good for our trip to the Montebello Islands. Winds around 10-15 kn – downwind (booyah!) for the next few days. It’s around 110NM from Exmouth to the Montebellos, and with the kids, we thought that might have been a little too far, plus there were a few smaller islands between that we wished to explore. We set out at the civilised hour of 8am to check out the Murion Islands. Unfortunately, we left the run a little late, missed the high tide, and thus it was a little too shallow to get in behind the reef that would have made a good anchorage. We made a speedy decision (getting better at those!) to plough on to Serrurier (Long) Island – which ended up being a good one.

Checking out the landscape on the way to Serruier
Checking out the landscape on the way to Serruier

Dropped the pick on the west side in about 3m of sand (as per cruising guide) and had a lovely calm night at anchor, with barely a breath of wind to speak of. Thus – this was what we woke up to in the morning:


Made me wonder if we should get radar fitted… Luckily, we don’t experience too many fogs on this coast. We had our morning coffee, and did a bit of schoolwork until the weather looked a bit like this:

Yay sun!

Much better.

Stefan did a spot of diving on the northwest side of the island – and got a nice tuskfish for tea. The wind picked up from the southwest around 3ish, so we pulled up the anchor a couple of hours later, and headed around to the east side of the island, which was a great spot out of the chop. We were getting ready to do a night passage to the Monte’s, so to have a civilised dinner of fish and chips in the calm was the order of the evening. We pulled up the anchor at about 9pm, and got underway to the Monte’s, with a full moon lighting the way, and an easy 5-6kn under headsail…


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