O is for Oscar!

Still at Chianti Bay… enjoying the radiation – I mean anchorage…

We had been at the Montes for 5 days without seeing another boat, so it was nice to get a call from the customs plane again… I thought I would have a crack at the radio call this time – giving details of last port of call, next port of call – even spelling Gonyonda using the phonetic alphabet! Golf – October – November – Yankee – October – November – Delta – Alpha. Yep, felt like a nong after Stefan reminded me that O is actually Oscar. No doubt the customs guys were cacking themselves. Am waiting for more calls to spell our name out now…

IMG_8116 IMG_8120

Also heard customs contact another boat in the area – who eventually anchored next to us in the bay. They quickly zipped out for what looked like a spot of fishing, and zoomed past with a sizeable painted cray. Thought we might have been able to do a cruisers catch up, until they were boarded by a police boat. Of course we had to nosy-in on the VHF – uh oh, 2 arrested? Soon after, all crew were seemingly removed from the boat, lights out. So much for the neighbourly visit. At least we got a visit from a couple of police officers , but no details of what was going down of course, however they got ours… Reuben got a bit of a scare as we told him the police had visited to ‘remind’ him to eat his vegetables. That didn’t go down too well – he ran inside to bury his face in his hands and cry. Oops. He came around after having a little chat to the officers, and we were able to get the latest weather forecast from them (internet a bit sketchy lately). Like as I’m writing this post… No need to watch a movie that night, the events of the afternoon gave us hours of speculation…

Thinking we should perhaps find another anchorage, Stefan and I decided to pop around to Bluebell anchorage at low tide the next morning and check the water levels with our sounder (our trusty oar). Thinking it was probably ok, we zoomed north to check out if there was any waves, and after the fishing rods fell into the dinghy earlier, we thought we might drop a line to test the waters on this side of the islands. Pulled up several of our favourite friends (Charlie Court: seem to be catching these in prolific numbers lately!). Lost 3 rigs to some bigger fish – possibly one of the several shark we saw hanging about… But got a couple of lovely coral trout, which we have really been enjoying cooked whole on the Weber.

After our quick reconnaissance trip, we returned 2.5hours later with our catch, and picked up some friendly voices on the VHF – Interceptor had cruised up from Exmouth. Great! Now a proper cruising catch up!

Interceptor - Chianti Bay
Interceptor – Chianti Bay

4 thoughts on “O is for Oscar!

  1. October sounds legit to me …I thought U was for Uozo , I reckon I cracked a few customs officers up too . Wowzers bit of excitement for the day then…undersize cray ..? Ha . Funniest blog award goes to today’s effort.


  2. How could you forget O? I’m wounded. Wounded. And I’m gonna have to stop reading your blogs because they are making me sick with jealousy. Tidal currents aside. They sound scary.


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