Turtle Lagoon – Montebellos – Farewell

Well after hanging around for nearly 2 weeks, its time to head south again… We are down to our last few carrots, and a quarter of a cabbage, so I guess we had better get back to Exmouth and reprovision. I must remember to get some fridge pics next time – happy fridge/sad fridge…

We were glowing as we dragged up the anchor from Chianti Bay, and headed south into some water just outside of Turtle Lagoon – on the west side of the Monte’s – known for some lovely wildlife. Indeed, there was plenty of its namesake turtles floating about, some rays, and a couple of ospreys guarding their nest that was at the entrance to the lagoon. Forgot the camera for that part of the trip, so here’s another few sunset photos…

Bouncing on the fenders – afternoon shenanigans
Number 3 does Number 1’s


Thanks Monte’s!

The plan is to sail south to Barrow Island tomorrow morning – we need the high tide to get out of the current anchorage, and then possibly stop at Serrurier Island again, before heading to Exmouth.

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