Barrow Island

For the last few days there have been ‘strong wind warnings’ for the Pilbara Coast, as you can see from the glassy looking water in the pictures over the last few days… We hoped today would prove similar, but as we watched our anemometer readings climb up to 26/27kn, it looked like the Bureau was right today. A balmy day in Dongara. At least we didn’t have to smash into the wind, and we bumped along in the chop down to Barrow Island. There was some interesting scenery around Barrow…

IMG_8328 IMG_8335

And we came across a very playful whale calf…

IMG_8391 IMG_8340 IMG_8361 IMG_8371

We anchored outside of the reef south of Flacourt Bay, on the west side of Barrow, but it was quite rolly, so we moved up into Flacourt Bay. Not much better. I cooked a quick mish – mash taco/tuna/potato meal, we ingested some sugar and caffeine, and decided to sail onward to Exmouth as we would probably stay awake a fair bit of the night rolling about…

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