Carnarvon to Steep Point

With the long range wind forecasts showing some possible windows for the making the big jump home, we motored down the Fascine and hoisted the sail to head somewhere into Shark Bay. I had a very loose plan, which I rather like. See where the wind blows us. Having spent a few weeks in the bay in June, we had a couple of spots we liked already and I wanted to find some more. We ended up dropping the pick on the east side of Peron Peninsula in 1m of sand at low tide. When the southerly picked up later that evening the small chop running up the bay and hitting the shallows made it slightly rolly. Nothing bad, but when you’ve been in a harbour where you cannot discern any movement, you notice and check a couple of times during the night. Not a bad spot though, and the kids got a run on the beach and were able to follow the numerous animal tracks through the dunes and guess what each might be.


We thought that we had seen heaps of whales along the Ningaloo coast, but the bay has filled up with them now. Crossing over to Dirk Hartog the next day, we saw fin slaps, tail slaps and breaching in every direction. I’m sure one was trying to make sure this place stays being called Shark Bay.

If I swim sideways they'll think I'm a shark
If I swim sideways they’ll think I’m a shark

Came across a couple that were up to something. I’m no Cetacean expert, but I reckon they were wrestling. Mari reckons they were mating? Is that all women can think about?

Anchored up at beautiful Louisa Bay,  H throwing the squid jig over immediately with success before some monstrous Nor’west Blowies moved in and destroyed a few jigs.

Even the float wasn’t safe

The next day we sailed a whole 6 nautical miles to Herald Bay. It was just too pretty to go past. Another run on the beach for Mari and the kids and some beach fishing bagging some great Whiting, Flathead and Tarwhine. A small Shark Mackerel back at the boat and we had a great fisherman’s basket for tea.

We lazily left Herald Bay straight into some squally rain. I know I said I don’t like to go to windward but inside the bay even 25kn on the nose is comfortable sailing. We didn’t go too far -anchoring north of Tumbledown Point out of the southerly. Again, the chop was rolling up the bay, and wrapped around the point making it a little rolly, so rolled out of bed for a couple of night checks of position and depth.

Woke to a Fathers’ Day coffee (Love and surf movies in bed with the kids. Upped anchor in the “low wind” part of the day and motor-sailed down to South Passage to ready ourselves for our wind window to Port Denison.

South Passage looking North to Dirk Hartog Island
South Passage looking North to Dirk Hartog Island

The colour of the water at this anchorage reminds me of a lagoon in the Ningaloo reef where not long ago I was contemplating the end of this cruise. After a few lunchtime beers, I wondered. I wondered what day of the week it was. I wondered if this cruising lifestyle was lending itself to alcoholism. I wondered if anyone would employ me when I let them know I like a lunchtime nap. I wondered if my To Do list would ever get shorter and I wondered if the wind would back and give us a downhill run. Well, I can answer some of these now. After quite a few too many rums ashore in Carnarvon, perhaps I can limit my beers. (I didn’t even restock in Carnarvon!!!) I’ll still have my lunchtime nap and send Mari back to work! And according to BoM wind forecast we may have a sweet run home. See you soon.

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