Carnarvon Two

It has become apparent that after spending a few weeks out “wild”, you can become very relaxed when in a safe anchorage like Carnarvon. There are no worries sleeping, the anchor will not drag, the kids will not drift away, there’s no problems getting the latest weather forecast, and you will not run out of beer. Hence, we have been doing not much while here. Lunch even tries to crawl into your boat!

Facine Tiger Prawn
Facine Tiger Prawn

The ongoing Facine development is almost finished which I think will make the town centre very usable.

The Yacht club is also having some work done, which is predicted to be finished by December. The Commodore described to me that originally, the land the club is situated on was “mud and mangrove”. Members, over the last 60 years have transformed it with pens and ramps for dinghy sailing and a great clubhouse. The next development will make the area safer and even more friendly, with sheet pilings replacing the rock and tyre banks and stemming the silting of the channels. You need to be wary of your draft.

Lean at sea and at anchor

Carnarvons’ Saturday markets at the Visitors Centre is great for provisioning fresh veg, and the “Church Burger” is my recommendation for breakfast. If you like your spice, check out Yvonnes’ “Mistress of Spice” stall.

Saturday also brought “The Great Loritz Circus” to town. I thought we’d take the kids to see if they want to run away, but alas it was my wife that wanted to. That clown was a bit too “handy”, I’ll miss her.

Mari, clowning around.

All in all, I find Carnarvon hard to leave. Great friends, like minded cruisers and a nice relaxed vibe. But the weather will change and we will need to go.

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