Hidden Island

You have around 6 hours of travel through the Kimberley due to the tides. We are in spring tides at the moment – tides with the highest range – which means we are experiencing about an 8m range – which is quite a bit of water moving around. There are so many small islands, rocks and reefs littering the area, with depths of 50 or 60 m between them! So you can imagine that an 8m range is a massive amount of water moving amongst the islands, thus creating some very interesting sea states and unpredictable currents. Here is a shot of our position – the boat is pointing north toward our route, the GPS arrow (which is the actual boats movement) is pointing west, and we are going 2.3kn (boo….5km/hr…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz) with 4kn current against us (double boo…..)


After much rigorous discussion and consultation with the Australian Pilot, BOM Tide Tables, Navionics Tide Tables, Austide tables, Cruising guide, common sense (leftovers…) we still don’t think we can totally predict the currents though these islands within the area of King Sound…

Anyway, after slogging away against the tide, we were rewarded with an amazing beach at Hidden Island – pure silica sand – check it out:

All to ourselves!

We had a few quick dips in the clearish water (with 2 of us on ‘croc watch’ just in case!) and the kids had a ball!

Yay! Sand!
Amazing sand.

Finished up the end of the day with a few lovely fish (after losing about 6 jigs and plastics) and a nice cold beer. Chin chin!

Another tuskfish for me! 5 star eating according to RecFishWest app…Winner, winner, bluebone dinner…
Queenie for Stefan. Another curry.

One thought on “Hidden Island

  1. Looks like it is getting better at every stop!! That beach looks amazing… not envious at all!! Good to see all looking happy and healthy.
    Much love xx


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