Montgomery Reef and Raft Point

From Red Cone Hill Inlet, we headed to Raft Point for the night, ready to catch the tide out to Montgomery Reef.  Tide dictates all movements for us!

Early start to Montgomery Reef, but the sunrise is worth it


The earliest Freya has been awake so far…


Vantage from the reef to the boat – we are anchored in a channel that goes through one side of the reef. A bit of a challenge to find the path, but all worth it!



Marine biology lesson with Grosi


Getting amongst the tidal wash that pours off the reef twice a day! What this reef is famous for!


After checking out the amazing tidal flow off the Montgomery Reef, we headed back to Raft Point to check out some rock art…

Thinking of days gone by


What a view


A very large population of hermit crabs on the beach at Raft Point. Love these critters. Was denied keeping one as a pet.  Told I have 3 children instead.



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