Red Cone Hill Inlet

After a night at Kingfisher Island, we headed across to Raft Point, and into Red Cone Hill Inlet. An interesting tidal passage coming past Raft Point which had us cruising through at =10kn. Gotta time that right!

Another chance at some fresh water pools and falls here! As we (Stefan, Ursula, Freya and Mari) pulled up to the end of the first creek/tidal rock bar, we almost didn’t make it as I was convinced it was ‘croccy’. Luckily we had adventurous Stef with us who ventured out of the dinghy to then witness a 3.5m croc swimming away from our dinghy (trust your gut feeling girls!!) Well, at least it swam away from us – if only to get a better look at the 3 juicy children scrambling over its habitat…

So here’s a few pics of us intact and swimming in a very dark, deep freshwater pool! Not a long swim!

The ominously croccy tidal rock bar
Undies?? Bathers = within sight of water.
Its ok Ursula, there’s other choices for the crocs over on that ledge behind you 🙂


Freshwater pool hike = beer time – even if its only 2.30.

We had a few mates visit while having drinks on the back deck…



And there was one off the other side too! Not scared of a few rocks pelted it’s way either. Time to move! But not until a morning of casting lures at barra on the low tide. A few takes, but no dinner yet.

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