Hunter River

After a lovely sail to windward and a night at Ivy Cove (we spied the lesser known “IVY” Boab with binoculars only, as the crocs patrolling the waters edges made us choose to stay aboard) we sailed, then motored to the Hunter river.

The twin ‘Tors’ announcing the entrance to the Hunter River



We motored up the first creek (aptly named Porosus Creek – crocodylus porosus – latin for crocodile) amongst the some of the highest mounts in the region. Very impressive scenery.

Entrance to Porosus Creek


As soon as we dropped anchor, the first saltie came to check us out.  This river had a lot of small mangrove logs floating up and down stream with the tides, many of them turning out to be crocs checking out if there was anything tasty aboard. With muddy waters, Barra seem to get hunting also, with a few stealing our lures with their dirty tactics around the rocky areas at low tide.

This one made a beeline for the boat once it notice children on the back steps…
Into the cockpit kids!


We zipped up to the end of the salt at high tide, but after the amount of crocs we had seen, did not want to get trapped up there with the falling tide. So we headed back, leaving another place to explore next time.


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