Kartja Island to Swift Bay

We left the Hunter River with the outgoing tide at lunch, with winds predicted to be south to south west. Perfect we thought, but the wind was light west (on the nose again) and it strengthened into the north west producing the most uncomfortable sail of the Kimberley. A good lesson not to get wind against tide if possible. It looked much worse that it was though.

Arrived late into a protected anchorage east of Kartja Island and we were able to get another good feed of oysters off the low tide rocks the next morning. We then moved to a bay further east and ventured up a long ravine on the incoming tide with the tender. Arrived at the end of the creek too early and struggled to get onto the rocky shore in a safe manner. After some convincing and dinghy scrapping, we got to explore a lovely stream flowing over the sandstone boulders.

Hard to see, but there’s a croc and our dinghy in this shot
Paperbarks and Pandanus. Typical Kimberley freshwater signs


Keep trekking and it opens up…..
into a lovely pandanus lined billabong….
with a cool shower that runs for ever…..
and ever..and all to yourself!


From here, we left on the 3am tide and sailed around to Swift bay, dropping anchor around lunch and having some visitors, before going to explore.


View out from under one rock ledge/cave
View out from under one rock ledge/cave where we saw…..
Some amazing ancient art galleries
Just a few
Some faint Bradshaws. Some are believed to be 50,000 years old!


The next couple of days we explored other parts of the area and were once again humbled, thinking of the lives that had been lived throughout this land and we felt amazingly lucky to be able to have experienced this place.

It was almost like an easter egg hunt for the kids. “Here’s one” “Here’s another one” “Ohh wow, look at this one”




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