Lets get going, Bonaparte Gulf, here we come.

We hadn’t really given ourselves a set time to get through the Kimberley, but with 5 aboard, we were getting through our stores and with a lot of northerlies forecast, we ummed and arred about where to go next. After seeing how dry things were in Freshwater Bay, we decided to bypass the rest of Vansittart Bay and Napier Broome Bay and use the best wind forecast to get around Cape Londonderry, another notorious cape. (It has opposing tides on each side of it which can make for a very rough sea if not timed correctly) We knew there was a lot to see on the west side of the Joseph Bonarparte Gulf so off we sailed past another “Middle Rocks” at over 13kn with the tidal assist to anchor at Cape Talbot for the night and await for our tides for Londonderry the next day. We timed it well and got a great push around. Also were hailed by the BorderForce vessel on patrol and had a lovely “chat” about our last port of call, next port of call, port of registration, name of master and you have a lovely day now. We arrived at Glycosmis Bay around 630pm and had to wait for the tide to get over the bar. Next day, we got in and anchored and found the rock scramble to the top. Awesome place

No water flowing here at this time, but the smooth rocks show it does.

Fire had hit the top of the plateau recently, so walking about was easy but also confusing because there was no well defined track to be seen. T’was easy to see the big boab.

Fairly impressive specimen(s)!!
A little bit of water at the top after a bit of a hike. Was pretty hot.

After that long hike, we decided to try to find a place dubbed “The Lost City”, a place that has a huge amount of rocky outcrops and caves and great examples of rock art. Again this plateau had been recently hit by fire in places and we got a bit charcoaled, but it was worth it.

The view out from the top of the plateau at the beginning of the Lost City
Getting started


Just a few


And done! Boy (definition)=Noise with Dirt on it

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