Mitchell River, Parry Harbour and Freshwater Bay

After spending most of the day exploring Surveyors creek, we got back to Gonyonda finding her quite “locked in” to the pool at the beginning of the creek. We still had 3m of water under us but the sandbars were exposed all around. So we took off for another try of fishing and mud crabbing but the crocs liked the smell in the nets and started coming too close for comfort with two little ‘snacks’ aboard.

This guy came looking for an evening snack. “Got anything??? Small child will do.”

The next day, on the high tide, we moved back up to Middle Rocks and hung out until an early morning departure for Parry Harbour, which was just a stopover for the evening.

The 1st of September saw us having to wait until lunch to time the tides around a potentially nasty bit of water around Cape Bouganville on our way to Freshwater bay. We had heard a lot about this place from friends and other blogs and were looking forward to the ample water in the pools and walks around the area. We were shocked how dry this season was.


The kids were really hanging out for a swim
Saw quite a few mummified water monitors
And 8-10ft pythons. Really quite sad.


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