The ships log: Darwin to Gove

So by the time early/mid October came around (nearly lost track of time in the laid-back Darwin atmosphere….ummm really lost track of time as we’ve finally started blogging again after 18 months!) we picked up anchor from Fannie Bay to begin the trip to QLD (the wrong way around as we were told endlessly…) This was a very tide dependent passage…6 hours with, 6 against, and pretty well upwind the whole way. There were a few long day sails and the passage went something a bit like: Escape Cliff – Alcaro Bay (attempted a swim at a lovely white beach only to get closer and find a croc-o-log) – Black Point – Raffles Bay – South Gouldburn Island – King River (the fly is your friend??) – Entrance Island – Entrance Island (take 2 – left 0220hrs the first night and decided couldn’t be bothered slamming around, and left at the more respectable hour of 0700 for a much nicer sail) – Cape Stewart – Galiwinku (Elcho Island) – Elizabeth Bay – and into Gove Harbour. Excuse the lack of pics for this leg – not sure if they’ve somehow disappeared into the grey space, or we were too tired to take that many, or maybe it was a monotonous landscape for a bit… So I’ve included some pics of our chicken scratch ships log…



Somewhere along the King River – real fly fishing…
A flattish landscape, but no shortage of beautiful sunsets!

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