Out Of Order

This is my second post. Yes, Stefan has been on this voyage o’er yonder seas also. People that know me probably realise that i like to tinker… and dream. C’mon, how else do you get a +40′ cat built with all the other “life” hurdles without a big dream? Originally my dream was simple. A comfortable platform to take me to surf, dive, fish and culture. Writing this, I know it is still the same, but now I have bigger dreams.

I dream of calcification not adhering to the joker valve of the head and letting “the essence of the beast” return to the bowl for the mornings aroma.

Why me?
Why me?

I dream of 8-18 knots from the beam or slightly abaft, when we want to move, otherwise I dream of 5-10 knots offshore of whatever waves we are near. This means I like moving under sail at 6- 12 knots, so comfy.

Boat speed and apparent wind
Boat speed and apparent wind

I dream of hooks not bending on the lure on our trolling line when we are moving in above mentioned winds.

That's 6 meals
That baby is 6 meals

I dream of SUNSHINE that keeps batteries topped off, even after making water…. and it gets my wife out in a bikini too. Actually, it gets the bikini off in my dream… (and sometimes not only in my dreams, woohoo!)

(Photo too risque for blog post)

Thanks to Interceptor, I now dream of Jetskis… and uninterrupted yoga.

I keep dreaming: of more friends, more surf, more fish and less poo.  I hope these blogs keep you all dreaming too. Dreams do become real.

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