Just a bunch of slackers…

Eeek, no posts for a month! Not quite, but if feels like that long for a slacker… So the blogging was out of order too. Sorry. Time for some updates then. So where were we… Ah, Exmouth, lamenting the state of the heads, the condition of the wind, the misfortune of fish falling from your hook, and the importance of bikinis…

Really, in terms of sights, it’s been the reverse of the trip north: here’s a rundown in photos… and that means more whale pictures! Sorry, just can’t seem to get enough pictures of these magnificent animals. While we may lament that the wind is not blowing from abaft, or at all, it makes for wonderful whale watching. This was a mum and playful calf we encountered between Tantabiddi and Yardie Creek:

IMG_8457 IMG_8458


And then a larger pod between Yardie’s and Coral Bay:


IMG_8496 IMG_8508 IMG_8517


The kids have been busy (slackers) too…

Coral watching sailing into Coral Bay
Most anticipated night of the week – dessert night – TGIF
Flipping great swimming boys!
Puzzle time
The word search king
The word search king
Watching, willing the lure…
Bent hooks again, wind her up
Bent hooks again, wind her up


We might even get another wistful blog post from Stefan after some Warroora time…


where we had stopped to wait out some ‘on the nose’ southerlies (more slackness: ‘we wont sail to windward Bergen’s). I had a chance to stretch my legs with a couple of lovely beach walks, and came back to some interesting sand sculptures (and babysitting)…



And then it was onwards to Carnarvon – stopping at Gnaraloo for a night, and then catching the sights of the Bluff, and Cape Cuvier as we sailed the 80nm to Carnarvon. A wonderful sail to end Gilbert’s trip with us – east to southeast winds of around 20kn out of Gnaraloo, allowing us to average around 9kn until the wind dropped at lunch, before kicking around to the southwest allowing a cruisy 7kn on a beam reach into the Fascine.

Red Bluff
Red Bluff
Cape Cuvier
Cape Cuvier
Reuben's siesta spot for cruisy sails
Reuben’s siesta spot for cruisy sails

3 thoughts on “Just a bunch of slackers…

  1. Wondered where you guys were at. Good to hear you are still above the water. Do you ever worry about hitting a whale?


  2. Thank you from me, for a wonderful 4 weeks of excitement and relaxation. I am glad all worked well and look forward to the Kimberley’s next year. Hopefully you get a suitable weather window iN the next week for your return to dongara


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